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Are you visiting New York soon or do you just love reading about 'all things New York?'  When you visit New York City consider staying at the legendary New York Hotel - The Paramount.  This true New York Hotel icon opened in 1928 and since then this Times Square Hotel has continued to be visitor favorite.

This Times Square Hotel is located in the heart of the very best New York has to offer;  Things to do in New York, Shopping in New York, NYC Activities, New York Restaurants and much more.

We've created The Paramount - NYC Travel Blog to be an interesting resource of New York Travel Articles featuring the most interesting and most entertaining Events in New York, NYC Restaurants, New York Attractions, Where to eat in New York or Things to do in NYC and more.

If you're just interested in learning 'What's happening in New York' or 'What to do in New York?' or if you're planning a visit to New York check out The Paramount - NYC Travel Blog and find out what not to miss and what you may want to pass on.

New York Restaurants | Times Square Hotel | NYC Restaurants

Have a Burger Craving while visiting NY? 5 NYC Restaurants Make Food & Wine Magazine’s List of the Best Burgers in the Country!

The Paramount Hotel – A Times Square Hotel is located near some of the best New York Restaurants – including some that, according to Food & Wine Magazine, serve some of the country’s best burgers!

It’s not a secret that New York Restaurants are some of the best in the country. Whether you want a fancy meal or a juicy burger, you can find the best of the best here. Food & Wine Magazine recently released their list of the country’s best burgers, and New York City had an impressive 5 entries- more than any other city on the list.  

Brazilian Day | NYC Events | NYC Hotel | Things to do in NYC

The Paramount Hotel – An NYC Hotel Welcomes Guests to Brazilian Day - A Hugely Popular NYC Event

Brazilian Day is an NYC Event that honors the Brazilian Culture. The Paramount Hotel – An NYC Hotel is a great choice for those coming to New York to attend this exciting celebration.

Thousands of Brazilians in the United States gather for Brazilian Day, a celebration of Brazilian Independence Day and the Brazilian culture. That might not seem remarkable, but what is remarkable is that people from all over the world come to enjoy this NYC Event.

U.S. Open Tennis Tournament | New York Events | Times Square Hotels | Things to do in New York

New York Events - The U.S. Open is One of the Most Prestigious Tennis Events of the Year.

Things to do in New York this August include the U.S. Open, which brings the best tennis players in the world to this New York Event along with thousands of tennis fans to New York.

The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament is one of the most prestigious tennis Events in the world. The Paramount Hotel – A Times Square Hotel welcomes tennis fans from all over the world who come to watch some of the world’s best tennis players vie for the top spot during this New York Event


City Sights NY | Things to do in New York | NYC Hotels

Things to do in New York: Sightseeing Cruises are a Perfect Option During Your Next Stay at an NYC Hotel .

Sightseeing cruises are popular thing to do in New York. You’ll get to know the city while enjoying an hour – or a full day – on the water. Ask the Concierge at The Paramount Hotel – an NYC Hotel for advice about which of these sightseeing cruises would be best for you.

There are many ways to explore New York City. You can rent a bike, join a walking tour, or hop on a tour bus. During the summer months, one of the top Things to do in New York is enjoy a sightseeing cruise. Many types of cruises are available with something to suit every taste. Here are a few examples of sightseeing cruises to consider during your next stay at The Paramount Hotel – An NYC Hotel


Things to do in NYC | New York Event | NY Hotel

Things to do in NYC - The Paramount, An NY Hotel Excitedly Awaits the 84th Annual MLB All-Star Week.

It’s a wonderful time to be a baseball fan in New York. The Annual MLB All-Star Week will take place at Citi Field. Baseball fans from around the country will come to the city for this New York Event and NY Hotels are ready to welcome these loyal fans of America’s pastime.

If you love baseball then consider making plans to book a Guest Room at an NY Hotel so you can attend an exciting New York Event. The 84th Annual MLB All-Star Week is an opportunity to see baseball legends alongside some of today’s top players.



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